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e) The method of calculation in the index and interest rate or rent costs in variable interest rate contracts,

F) Periodically prepared for the first year, the remaining years prepared, paid, paid interest, other expenses, remaining principal, repayment of repayments for the relevant periods or lease (using the initial and maximum interest rates in variable interest contracts. two separate payment plans are generated title loans in massachusetts.),

g) Refund or Rent Payment Number, payment dates, when the specified payment date arrives on the formal holiday, when the payments will be made, the first and final payment dates,

i) In case of default in payments, the ratio of the delay interest rate to not exceed thirty interest (the current interest rate of variable interest rate contracts in variable interest contracts) for credit contracts, delay interest rate to be applied for financial leasing contracts, to not exceed thirty percent of the relation rate (current interest rate in variable interest contracts),

k) The principles on the calculation of the conditions for the payment of credit repayments or lease payments before the maturity of the maturity and the calculation of the early payment fee in fixed interest contracts,

l) If the loan or rent costs are determined in foreign currency, the conditions for calculating the total debt amount with rent and refund amounts, in which date will be taken into account.,

m) The Halls that may require value to be assigned to the contract subject to the contract and who can be done by who can be done by

In the periodic payment deconts to be sent to the consumer, it is included in the distribution of the fifteenth paragraph (d) of the payments of payments and the amount of remaining debt.